Thursday, April 2, 2009

Would somebody get this kid a happy meal???

It is the irony of life that dictates the inevitable situation of mommy on a deadline=kids demanding your undivided attention. I've sat down to write this four times now and each time, another "emergency" arises. "MOM!! She won't stop looking at me!". "MOM!! Lolly's giving the dog yogurt!". "MOM!! MOM!! MOMMY!! I love you." *sigh* It is all worth while in the end.

My kids teach me every day that I need to go with the flow. Some of the best memories have come from chaotic situations. The picture of Leilani (shown right) is a perfect example. She hates to have her picture taken and every year I try to get her to smile for the camera, while ripping my hair out verging on tears myself. Well this year, she taught me a lesson. She refused, as always, to pose "pretty" for her picture and instead picked her nose, frowned at the camera and finally screamed. These pictures are by far my favorite ever taken of her! Every time I look at this one, it reminds me how much I love her strong will.

So, tantrums and all, I consider myself blessed with these two little girls. Tara and Leilani....My heart, my heart.

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